Rolando Reyna

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Rolando Reyna

Understanding that encouraging positive CRM is as important as managing healthy cashflow marks the difference between a finance expert and a financial leader. Rolando Reyna has earned his title as Director of Finance of KirE Builders, Inc. over years of strategic progression. With a warm, engaging personality Rolando translates cold, indifferent numbers into the “human speak” of strategy and opportunity.

Beginning his career at Ernest W. Hahn, Inc., Rolando applied his bachelor’s degree in business administration to good use, managing the accounting process for the illustrious mall developer. As the Hahn Company’s reign came to a close, Rolando’s growing reputation as a numbers man earned him progressive positions with local developers. Rolando was tapped by William Jones, CEO of City Link Investment Corporation, to manage the financial aspects of the City Heights re-development project. Working with private builders and government officials to revitalize the area, Rolando learned how to deal in the grey areas, toeing the line between commercial and civic accounting and accountability. A call from The Corky McMillin Companies began his seventeen-year tenure with the industry-leading powerhouse. Starting as a Finance Manager, Rolando worked his way to Vice President of Finance, overseeing senior financial managers as well as investor and joint venture relationships. Corky McMillin’s restructuring left Rolando unemployed in 2014 for all of three days. McMillin’s loss was KirE’s gain.

With over 25 years of financial expertise in the building industry, Rolando sets the standards for the finance and accounting department to ensure KirE’s numbers and strategy are aligned. Devising project business plans and feasibility proformas, Rolando’s focus is on the 360 view of the KirE portfolio. While his demeanor is light and encourages laughter, his mind is never far from the bottom line. Thorough, detailed, and meticulous, he knows the health of his business down to the decimal point. Loyal to a fault, Rolando sticks with his team even when they are losing—go Padres!—but works to ensure the KirE family consistently gets the win.

Rolando’s Highlights

  • Oversees KirE Builders Inc. portfolio of $100 MM

  • 25 years of Finance experience within the Building Industry
  • Former Vice President of Finance at The Corky McMillin Companies, former San Diego industry leader
  • Born in McAllen, TX (southwest in the Rio Grande Valley, near South Padre Islands)
  • Navy veteran with 5 years of service
  • BA, Business Administration, with Accounting concentration from San Diego State University
  • San Diego Padres season-ticket holder