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Adam Hutchinson

In a world where “streamlined and efficient” are code for “automated and dehumanized,” Adam Hutchinson has become a pillar of building “human.” But never make the mistake of assuming his interpersonal approach is anything less than thorough, structured and precise. With a mind for identifying gaps and a solutions-based focus, Adam has risen from intern to Chief Operating Officer of KirE Builder Inc. in less than five years. Empowered by the best of the millennial generation, Adam is a pragmatic, results-driven professional with a team-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, who uses the power of technology to harness the foundations of the future.

Quite literally. With Adam at the helm of Operations, four-year-old KirE beat out industry vets like Pardee Homes (founded 1921), KB Home (1957), and The Corky McMillin Companies (1960) to be named 2016’s Best New Home Builder by the San Diego Union-Tribune. KirE Builder Inc. and its 360-degree approach to building is leading the pack.

For Adam this journey began in Connecticut (by way of birth in Texas) where he grew up, constantly moving because of his father’s nomadic profession as a custom home builder. Adam studied at his father’s feet as he assessed and purchased land, then methodically subdivided and developed the lots. Adam rose to assistant foreman within Hutchinson Construction, LLC, establishing himself as an “A-Z” worker—taking direction on the first phase of a project (A to B) and figuring it out to its full conclusion (B to Z). He developed a broad and deep knowledge base in building well before entering college at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he received his BA in Economics. A semester of study abroad in Melbourne, Australia, taught Adam the value of a healthy work/life balance; his extensive research revealed San Diego as a comparable atmosphere that could both fuel his professional passions and provide the rejuvenation necessary to maintain the consistency needed for success.

A year after his move to San Diego, Adam became the first hire at KirE Management in 2010, where he became invaluable as a reliable and resourceful employee who developed structures and processes that made KirE Management run like a well-oiled machine. With his hand in almost every aspect of the business, his responsibilities included operations, financial analysis, acquisitions, project management, and sales & marketing. In 2012, when partner Josh Santa optioned to develop projects and spin off KirE Builders Inc., Adam demonstrated his negotiation skills to earn a seat at the table as a Founding Junior Partner. With an obsessive desire to close the gaps, he brought to the table the idea of starting KirE Realty, Inc., as the exclusive, in-house brokerage of KirE communities. Under his management they have successfully completed over 100 transactions in the first three years alone; he will become the broker of record in 2018, further increasing the bottom line.

Wherever KirE’s work goes, Adam’s focus and education follows. He is a licensed Real Estate Agent and Notary Public in the State of California, now focusing his attention toward entitlements. He is equally as committed to employee growth as an active mentor and staff developer, as well as the 2017 Chair of the Building Industry Association’s Y|Gen Council, the young generation of leaders and activists carrying the banner for future housing affordability and availability. His commitment to the building industry and its people earned him the 2015 BIA Icon Award for Rookie of the Year. Adam’s primary concern is “Are we doing it right?” And he never settles for no. Team well-being with an eye on meeting and exceeding goals drives Adam to build the structures needed to help people win.

Adam’s Highlights

  • Instrumental in over $85 million of real estate transactions
  • 2015 BIA Icon Award Winner for Rookie of the Year
  • 2014 BIA Icon Marketing Manager of the Year Finalist
  • KirE Builder’s Inc. Chief Operating Officer and Founding Junior Partner
  • KirE Management’s 1st hire
  • Born in Dallas, Texas. Raised in Connecticut
  • BA in Economics from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia (which ultimately steered him towards San Diego)
  • Played HS football and lacrosse