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Posted by KirE Builders Inc on June 18, 2014
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By U-T San Diego12:01 A.M.MARCH 29, 2014
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In today’s ever changing market, savvy homebuyers are sharing the need and desire of having the most up to date technology and energy-conscious features that can help support an improved lifestyle.

As a result, technology is driving new trends in home amenities and features. From improved construction materials and more efficient appliances to energy-boosting systems and modern conveniences, homes are more energy efficient and smarter than ever before.

Technological advancements have given rise to products such as more energy-efficient windows, affordable solar system options and more efficient appliances.

“At Standard Pacific Homes, we pay thoughtful attention to energy efficiency, which is our e-Standard philosophy,” said Bill Ostrem, president of Standard Pacific Homes in San Diego. “Features like tankless water heaters and programmable thermostats provide our homeowners with everyday energy-conscious solutions.”

Energy Star-certified tankless water heaters offer savings of up to 30 percent on gas bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. They also provide a continuous flow of hot water, virtually eliminating the cold shower phenomenon the last person to shower each day might experience in a home with a conventional tank-type water heater. Information from Energy Star notes that tankless water heaters can also have a longer life expectancy than conventional water heaters.

Sunny San Diego is the perfect setting for another forward-thinking and energy-saving feature: a home solar system.

Recognizing that solar generates clean, affordable energy at a rate lower than current utility prices, KirE Builders offers a 3.0 kW solar system standard on every one of its semi-custom homes in its Black Canyon Estates in Ramona.

“KirE is always taking proactive steps to ensure our homes are forward thinking,” said Adam Hutchinson, vice president of KirE Builders in Poway. “In addition to partnering with some of the industry’s best to offer solar on our homes, we pre-wire our homes for satellite, use in-wall tubing to hide unsightly power cords, utilize energy efficient features such as tankless water heaters, low-E windows … and water-saving plumbing fixtures.”

Today’s tech-savvy consumers also appreciate a whole host of smart technology now available in new homes, including a single touch-screen to access lights, heating, security and other systems. Mobile options for these systems boost their convenience.

“Whether you want to control your house lighting with your iPhone or monitor your energy usage from overseas, KirE has a solution for you,” said Hutchinson.

Standard Pacific is another builder that pays close attention to the needs of today’s tech-forward buyers, offering amenities like USB chargers in the kitchen, pre-wiring for electric car chargers and optional Smart Home Systems.

Entertainment options are also a key component in the tech systems that are now must-have features in new homes. Civita, a sustainable, transit-oriented village with a mix of home options in San Diego’s Mission Valley, was the first master-planned community in the San Diego area to offer residents a suite of entertainment services over a fiber to the premises network (FTTP).

“Bringing fiber-optic capabilities to every home is part of our commitment to make Civita an innovative urban village that is rooted in sustainability, advanced technology, connectedness and architectural vitality,” said Colton Sudberry, president of Sudberry Properties.

From improving construction to energy-efficient appliances to convenient centralized and mobile home system control options, today’s technology is improving the way San Diego new homebuyers live.

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