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Homes with Heart in 92064 Magazine

Posted by KirE Builders Inc on October 9, 2013
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By LINDA FRABL | photos by Tyler McElhaney | Published on October 9, 2013

When we entrust others to build our home, we naturally expect state-of-the-art elements, solid craftsmanship and professionalism. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could also expect the builders to put their hearts into the process? KirE Builders, Inc., a construction company founded by Josh Santa and Adam Hutchinson, was, in fact, named on the principle of heartfelt commitment. Adam at KirE Homes with Heart

The unique spelling of the company name, KirE (rhymes with “fire”), is actually the name “Erik” spelled backwards. This pays tribute to the son of Ken Baumgartner, one of KirE’s founding business partners, who was tragically killed in an automobile accident at age 21. To honor Erik’s legacy, the KirE team devotedly puts its heart into every construction job. “A home is one of the last hand-built projects left in the world and we are proud of the homes we build and the neighborhoods in which we build. We strive to create long-lasting value,” proclaimed Adam.

That value is a result of experience. Josh has been a residential homebuilder for over 20 years, and is adept at estimating, drafting, designing, permit processing and contracting. Adam, originally from the East Coast, teamed up with Josh in 2010 and handles operations and project management, sales and marketing, financial analysis and acquisitions. Adam declared, “Homeowners can rest easy knowing their home is being built by experienced craftsmen using quality and durable materials. We are continuously designing and creating new floor plans and home elements to adhere to consumers’ needs and the latest technologies.”

Kire About UsOne of the latest technologies KirE has embraced is the usage of HomeTeam Pest Defense in its new home construction. A borate-based termiticide is safely applied on the structural frame to keep termites out, and the Taexx Built-In Pest Control System is also installed. This is a network of small tubing throughout designated walls that allow pest control treatments to be applied directly where pests live and hide.

Another KirE innovation is to produce energy-efficient homes. The company’s new development, Black Canyon Estates in Ramona, is a complete solar community where every home features a 3.0 kilowatt solar system.

Adam professed, “We have the drive and ability to give someone their dream home, whether it’s a home at one of our developments, a remodel of an existing home or a new custom home.” So open up your heart to the possibility, and let KirE Builders concoct your perfect home.

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